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A Salute to Ad Icons

McDonald’s is a highly-visible brand. Even at home, brand references are everywhere - traditional and social media, late night monologues, board games, TV shows, pop music, and feature films; the list goes on.
If you need a reminder of how innovative, iconic, and impactful this brand truly is, plan a visit to the Museum of Broadcast Communication (MBC) on State Street in downtown Chicago. The multimedia exhibit “A Salute to Advertising’s Greatest Icons,” runs through the end of this year and showcases ten top consumer brand symbols and their creators. Our very own Ronald McDonald was honored in the collection with a special week in July.
Learn more about the creation and evolution of Ronald McDonald and his important role in our brand story. See early commercials, vintage print ads, and a wide variety of rare memorabilia.. The museum is a fun place for all ages, although it seems that every age reverts to childhood when reminded of their favorite TV characters and brand icons.
Visit the MBC site for more details and to plan your visit.
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