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Catch of the Day: McDonald’s Korea launches Shrimp Burgers

In response to customer feedback, McDonald’s Korea released two new shrimp burgers for a limited time on November 13.
The Spicy Shrimp Burger features a shrimp patty with hot and spicy sauce, and savory cheese. The Lemon Shrimp Burger boasts great flavors from the shrimp, and is served with flavorful lemon sauce, and fresh tomatoes.
“Our customers have enjoyed fresh and diverse ingredients on our menu and shrimp burgers have been a popular choice,” said McDonald’s Marketing Vice President Melanie Joh.  “We offered the Deluxe Shrimp Burger on our menu in October and sold 1 million burgers within 10 days.  “We’re listening to our customers and will continue to evolve our menu to meet their tastes and preferences.”
Both burgers will be available until December 25.
McDonald’s Korea
McDonald's Korea opened its first restaurant in Korea in 1988 and introduced its world-famous Big Mac, french fries, Happy Meals, and later developed the Bulgogi Burger, McSpicy Shanghai Burger, and Deluxe Shrimp Burger to cater to local tastes. There are nearly 400 McDonald’s restaurants in Korea.
McDonald’s Korea, which currently has around 18,000 employees, is contributing toward job creation in Korea by pursuing its ‘open employment’ policy of hiring without discriminating against age, gender, educational background, and disability.
As the biggest sponsor of the ‘Ronald McDonald House Charities’, McDonald’s has been supporting Korean children’s health and welfare by establishing the ‘Children’s Schools in Hospitals’ for sick children hospitalized in the Shinchon Severance Hospital and Yangsan Busan University Hospital.
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