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A “Home Away from Home”: Ronald McDonald House Charities® opens the first Ronald McDonald House® in Changsha, Hunan

Today, Ronald McDonald House Charities® (RMHC) with the assistance of the China Soong Ching Ling Foundation opened the first Ronald McDonald’s House in Mainland China, Hunan. The 12,000 square foot ocean-themed home includes 17 family suites, including a kitchen, dining area, laundry room and children’s playground. With only a five minute walk from the Hunan Children’s Hospital, the House serves as a “Home Away From Home” for families with children seeking out-of-town medical treatment.
“In 2015, RMHC benefited more than 3 million families serving as a ‘Home Away From Home’ allowing parents to share every moment with their children and save them the trouble of long-distance travel, remove anxiety and ease economic burden,” said Wu Wei, President of RMHC China. “We believe in the curing power of parents and believe this home can deliver the love and support to more families.”
“As one of the largest children’s hospitals in Asia more than 75% of our patients travel from cities and provinces outside Changsha,” said Yao Xu, head of Hunan Children’s Hospital. “After their long-distance journey travel-worn parents may not find proper accommodations and have to withstand multiple physical, mental, and economic stresses,” continues Xu. “Ronald McDonald House not only solves the pressing housing needs for parents, but also serves as a support group for parents with children seeking medical assistance. We are honored to become the first partner of RMHC China and hope to see more homes in the future.”
This House opening marks a key milestone in the history of Ronald McDonald House Charities development in China. There are 358 Ronald McDonald Houses in 42 countries and regions worldwide, which serve nearly 8,000 families each day.
“The China Soong Ching Ling Foundation fully supports RMHC” said Jing Dunquan, Vice President of the China Soong Ching Ling Foundation. “The House serves as a large-scale public welfare entity with all-inclusive services and fully-equipped supporting facilities. RMHC supports the path of charity and will provide more services to families who have children seeking out-of-town medical treatment.” 
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