Feature Stories


  1. Celebrate National Hamburger Day with a Big Mac and a Side of Art

  2. "The Angry Birds Movie" Characters Come to McDonald's for Massive Worldwide Happy Meal Program and Innovation Digital Promotion

  3. Continuing our Journey Toward Sustainable Packaging

  4. A New Year and A New Look: McDonald's Global Packaging Launches In Style

  5. A Passion for Food and Fashion: McDonald’s Finland opens a Big Mac online shop and offers the Big Mac with a twist

  6. Ronald McDonald Graces the Skies with a New Balloon at Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

  7. McDCouture Fashion Show in Miami Leaves Crowd Hungry for More

  8. McDonald's UK Signature Collection

  9. McDonald’s reaches Certified Fibre milestone for packaging in Europe

  10. Colombia Joins Water Recycling Program

  11. A Salute to Ad Icons


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