Media Statements

  1. An Open Letter To Burger King
    Dear Burger King,   Inspiration for a good cause... great idea.   We love the intention but think our two brands could do something bigger to make a difference.   We commit to raise awareness worldwide, perhaps you’ll join us in a meaningful global effort? &n...Read More


  2. Statement on Antibiotic Use
    Antimicrobial use in food animals is an issue that impacts people and animals. Global organizations like McDonald's Corporation need to pay attention to it. We have maintained a global policy on antibiotic use in food animals since 2003. In March 2015, McDonald’s released our Global ...Read More


  3. U.S. Menu Simplification Media Statement
    Our intent is to have a cleaner menu board that is easier for customers to absorb. We’ll be clearing the path for future menu innovations by: Simplifying our current menu (i.e., one Quarter Pounder with Cheese burger vs. four; one Premium Chicken sandwich vs. three; one Snack Wrap vs....Read More


  4. Response to Chicken McNuggets “mechanically separated/pink goop” photo hoax
    A photo circulating online does not show how we make Chicken McNuggets or, frankly, any item on our menu. Our Chicken McNuggets are made using USDA inspected boneless white breast meat chicken. We do not use the process known as mechanically separated chicken, nor do our Chicken McNuggets ev...Read More


  5. Response to myth that McDonald’s burgers do not decompose
    In the right environment, our burgers, like most other foods, could decompose. But, in order to decompose, you need certain conditions – specifically moisture. Without sufficient moisture – either in the food itself or the environment – bacteria and mold may not grow and th...Read More


  6. McDonald's USA: Discontinued Use of Select Lean Beef Trimmings (SLBT)
    McDonald’s does not use lean beef trimmings treated with ammonia, what some individuals call “pink slime,” in our burgers, and hasn’t since 2011. Any recent reports that we do are false. Burgers are at the heart of the Golden Arches, and the fact is, McDonald&...Read More



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