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McDonald’s Lauds “Best of our Best” Worldwide Restaurant Employees with Video Series at London Summer Olympic Games

McDonald’s veterans still remember the tenth Winter Olympiad in 1968, when the company showed some love for homesick U.S. athletes competing in the games in Grenoble, France by airlifting hamburgers to satisfy their cravings. Now, as an Olympic TOP sponsor, the company continues to support the values that the Games stand for, and seeks ways to inspire employees, fans and spectators – much like the Olympic athletes themselves – with their competitive spirit and sportsmanship.
As a sign of the company’s commitment to the Olympic ethos, for the ninth Games, McDonald’s sent 2,000 restaurant staff members to work in the Olympic village restaurants and experience the sights and sounds of London and the Games. Known as the Olympic Champion Crew, these all-stars represented Team McDonald’s from 42 different countries. Like the athletes, the Olympic Champion Crew had already competed: During the previous year, they were selected out of a group of 10,000 of their talented peers, following challenges designed to test their speed, customer service skills and ability to adapt to a new team on the fly. The gold medal round consisted of these dedicated workers dishing up meals to hundreds of thousands of hungry spectators, judges, athletes, and their family members in four restaurants in the Olympic Park over the course of the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic games.
From these Champion Crew members, we chose to feature six Best of Our Best Crew and followed them as they hit the streets of London to meet new people, take in the sights of the Olympic Village and tell us about it. See what London had in store for them through their eyes in the aptly-titled videos, Friendship, Commitment, Glory, Achieve and Honor.

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