1. Happy Meals – Honest Kids Juice Drink
    To better meet the changing tastes and preferences of our guests, in late November we will begin serving Honest Kids organic apple juice drink as a beverage choice in our Happy Meals. This is part of a commitment by McDonald's to raise the bar on our food, which is why our Chicken&n...Read More

  2. McDonald's Statement on Twitter Account Compromise
    Based on our investigation, we have determined that our Twitter account was hacked by an external source. We took swift action to secure it, and we apologize this tweet was sent through our corporate McDonald’s account. Read More

  3. McDonald’s Statement on Orlando Tragedy
    "We join the people of America in sending our heartfelt condolences to the victims and their loved ones impacted by the brutal attack in Orlando this past weekend, including three valued members of the McDonald’s family. We are deeply saddened to share that restaurant managers with a l...Read More


  4. McDonald’s Statement on Fight for $15 Protests
    “At McDonald’s, we take seriously our role in helping strengthen communities. Every year, we and our franchisees separately employ hundreds of thousands of people, providing many with their very first job,” said Lisa McComb, a McDonald’s spokesperson. “We offer McDon...Read More


  5. McDonald's Statement on Michael “Jim” Delligatti
    Michael “Jim” Delligatti was a legendary franchisee within McDonald’s System who made a lasting impression on our Brand.  In 1967, Jim introduced the Big Mac in his Uniontown, Penn. restaurant that has become an iconic sandwich enjoyed by many around the world.  He is ...Read More

  6. New McDonald’s in St. Joseph, MO
    A new McDonald’s is coming to St. Joseph, MO this July. This unique 6,500-square-foot location will offer customizable desserts, sandwiches, and burgers, as well as table service. It will have several digital kiosks for customers to order their food, a "party room" for rent, and m...Read More

  7. McDonald's Statement on NLRB 'Joint Employer' Standard
    This particular case focuses on issues involving Browning-Ferris and its subcontractors, not McDonald’s, therefore it’s inappropriate to comment on their case.  At McDonald’s, we do not have the authority to direct or co-determine the hiring, firing, wage rates, hours, or ...Read More


  8. McDonald's Statement on Mercy for Animals Undercover Video
    We believe treating animals with care and respect is an integral part of a responsible supply chain and find the behavior depicted in this video to be completely unacceptable. We support Tyson Foods’ decision to terminate their contract with this farmer.   We’re working with Ty...Read More


  9. Open Letter To Burger King
    Dear Burger King,   Inspiration for a good cause... great idea.   We love the intention but think our two brands could do something bigger to make a difference.   We commit to raise awareness worldwide, perhaps you’ll join us in a meaningful global effort? &n...Read More


  10. McDonald’s Statement on Workplace Safety Allegations
    McDonald’s and its independent franchisees are committed to providing safe working conditions for employees in the 14,000 McDonald’s Brand U.S. restaurants. We will review these allegations. It is important to note that these complaints are part of a larger strategy orchestrated by ac...Read More


  11. Statement on Antibiotic Use – Updated 8/23/17
    Antibiotic resistance is an important issue for people and animals. McDonald’s has maintained a policy on antibiotic use in food animals since 2003. In 2017, we released an update to our Global Vision for Antibiotic Stewardship in Food Animals (VAS), which seeks to preserve antibiotic effec...Read More


  12. Job Eliminations/Resource Reallocations
    As our senior leadership team stated on the third quarter earnings call, McDonald’s is moving with a sense of urgency to improve our financial performance by taking actions based on the long term. This includes a diligent review of our Corporate Home Office and McDonald’s USA’s ...Read More

  13. McDonald's Statement on NLRB Actions (12/19/14)
    The National Labor Relations Board’s actions today improperly and dramatically strike at the heart of the franchise system – a system that creates economic opportunity, jobs and income for thousands of business owners and their employees across the country. McDonald’s is disapp...Read More


  14. U.S. Menu Simplification Media Statement
    Our intent is to have a cleaner menu board that is easier for customers to absorb. We’ll be clearing the path for future menu innovations by: Simplifying our current menu (i.e., one Quarter Pounder with Cheese burger vs. four; one Premium Chicken sandwich vs. three; one Snack Wrap vs....Read More


  15. McDonald's USA Minimum Wage Labor Statement (Updated 12/4/14)
    “At McDonald’s we respect everyone’s right to peacefully protest.  The topic of minimum wage goes well beyond McDonald’s- it affects our country’s entire workforce. McDonald’s and our independent franchisees support paying our valued employees fair wages a...Read More


  16. Happy Meal Hello Kitty Whistle Recall – Nov. 10, 2014
    Nothing is more important to us than the safety of our customers and this includes the toys we offer them. McDonald’s has decided to voluntarily recall a red whistle included with the Happy Meal Hello Kitty Birthday Lollipop Toy (#6) in the U.S. and Canada after recently discovering that co...Read More


  17. Wage Theft Lawsuits
    “McDonald’s and our independent owner-operators share a concern and commitment to the well-being and fair treatment of all people who work in McDonald’s restaurants. We are currently reviewing the allegations in the lawsuits. McDonald’s and our independent owner-operators ...Read More

  18. Discontinued Use of Select Lean Beef Trimmings (SLBT)
    McDonald’s does not use lean beef trimmings treated with ammonia, what some individuals call “pink slime,” in our burgers, and hasn’t since 2011. Any recent reports that we do are false. Burgers are at the heart of the Golden Arches, and the fact is, McDonald&rsquo...Read More


  19. McDonald's Statement on Surcharge Photo Hoax
    That picture is a senseless and ignorant hoax. McDonald's values ALL of our customers. Diversity runs deep in our culture on both sides of the counter.Read More


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